What Is SFDC247 And Why It Is Important To Understand Salesforce Release Management Process ?

Which is the best release management tool in salesforce? How code gatekeepers or release managers deploy the changes from one sandbox to another sandbox or in Production? What is the best release branching strategy we can adopt for our project in Salesforce? What are the roles and responsibilities of release managers? There are several such questions which we have in our project during our deployment life cycle phase and these questions must and should be discussed properly with salesforce architects or experienced core developers or release engineers.

sfdc247 release management
Salesforce SFDC247 Introduction

Are You Having Issues When You Deploy Your Code Into Production?

We try to follow the best practice approach proposed by Salesforce during the deployment of code from one sandbox to another or in production but still, we are having a lot of issues during merging of code from several developers. The functionality does not work in production as we are not doing proper testing during our deployment phase. We are are not following agile methodologies and having difficulties in coordinating with the team members which results in silo effect within an organization.

Oh! my ! lord! I have faced all these issues during my projects and when it comes to our final deployment phase it is really difficult to understand what went wrong during our goLive day. But, don’t worry I will explain each and everything in SFDC247 and will try its best to answer all these questions that you have in your deployment lifecycle phase.


There are several salesforce blogs and websites which will teach you about salesforce but I have not seen people telling you about the tools they use in the market to deploy metadata components from one org to another org. Some might be using the standard functionality of salesforce which is changesets. There would be many who would be using DevOps methodology which comprised of tools like Visual Studio, Git, Ant, Jenkins, SonarQube to deploy code into production, well sounds good if you are very technical in handling all these tools.

Which Salesforce AppExchange Tools Are There In Market To Deploy Salesforce Code?

salesforce, appexchange, Flosum
Salesforce App Exchange Apps
There are also many tools in AppExchange which is being used by many big clients like Flosum, AutoRabit, Copado and GearSet. All of them have its own pros and cons which we will discuss on SFDC 247. If you are planning to invest on these tools then you must give them use cases which you usually face in your organization and see how it can help you in resolving or automating all your issues. Since, I have used all the above tools for several projects during my career, I am not in a position to suggest which one will suit you as each client has its own requirement when he thinks of buying a tool for release management activities in his/her project. But I will make sure to cover all these tools in our website SFDC247.
Thus, to sum up, SFDC 247 is a complete release management blog and we will cover each and every tool and will try to show you how you can adopt the best release branching strategy of your own for your projects and what issues you might face when you deploy your code to production.


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